Acceptable Media Formats

AOC can accept several forms of digital media. If you plan to bring your media on a portable drive, then you will need to schedule an appointment with the Programming Coordinator to make the transfer. You can also leave your portable media with us however, we cannot guarantee it's safe return. Currently we are unable to accept any programs over 10MB via e-mail due to server limitations.

* Note that AOC is no longer accepting programming for cablecast on any tape based media.

See below for a complete listing and specifications for submitted media.


All standards compliant DVDs are accepted. Your program will be transferred to our servers. The original DVD may be picked up after the first airing of your program. If you do not wish to pick up your DVD, please let us know in advance so we can dispose of it properly. ALL DVDs should be labeled with the Producer's name, Episode Name / Number and Show Title.

DIGITAL FILES for on-air playback:

MPEG: AOC's servers are based on the MPEG2 codec. If you are using FCP, we can provide a compressor dropplet configured for your system. Any portable drives brought to AOC for file transfer should be formatted either with the FAT32 or NTFS file system. Files should be encoded with the following specifications:

Video: MPEG2, 5Mb/sec (8Mb/sec max if VBR), Closed GOP-15-IBBP, 4:3 or 16:9 letterbox (NOT anamorphic), 29.97 FPS (not 24 or 30 fps)

Audio: MPEG2, 48K, 16bit Stereo

*File should be encoded as a Program Stream (PS) and not as a Transport Stream (TS)

Make sure that you have used the YUV color space and not the RGB color space for your program. Using the RGB color space is more for web and computer playback and will not reproduce well on television.

DIGITAL FILES for Message Board:

.jpg images can be submitted for our Community Message board. If you wish to submit an optomized .jpg image, please use the following specs:

Size = 534 x 110 pixels at 72 dpi. 100% quality is best due to the nature of television. Do not use extremely saturated colors. Red will tend to bleed outside of it's boundaries. Fonts should not be too thin and larger then 16pts. Do not get discouraged if your page does not look as well as you thought it would on TV. Graphics for television takes a while to get use to. Contact us for suggestions on making your graphic look as good as possible.


If you are working with a producer on a program, please take note of the following:

AOC post production is based on iMovie and Final Cut Pro editors. Acceptable video formats for post production are: .avi(Cinepak CODEC), .mov(AIC, PRORES, etc). Highly compressed formats such as the many flavors of MPEG4 and .wmv are not recommended. In all cases we recommend exporting a small test sample to ensure that the format is compatible and does not create a hugh workload for the editor.

Audio: AOC can accept most forms of audio files including: .wav, .mp3, .aac, .mp2. If you have a particular format, please contact us for assistance.

If you do not see the answer to your question listed here, please contact William McFarlain who is listed on the contact page for additional help and or information.