Tips for Reserving Equipment


Author: Skip Shannon, Equipment Coordinator

When checking out equipment using AOC’s new reservation system (RueShare), there are a few things to take notice of when requesting equipment. First, members will need to request a Tripod when requesting a Blue Kit or Orange Kit. The tripod that you should request is called a Varizoom Tripod and you can locate it in the equipment list in Rueshare. It is the same situation when requesting a Backpack Kit, but remember that you will need to request a Magnus Tripod in Rueshare for a Backpack Kit. Once you have selected the appropriate equipment, please allow ample time for a staff member to approve the request.

Sometimes it may seem like the request did not go through, but there is no need to keep hitting the request button because then it will put in the request as many times as you press it. If you plug in the incorrect dates of your request, rather than putting in multiple reservations, all you need to do is email one of the production staff members at AOC and they can adjust your time so it will be accurate. When requesting equipment also keep in mind that equipment checkouts are Monday through Thursday 9AM-5PM and on Fridays checkouts are 9AM-4:30PM. You will receive an e-mail confirming your pick up time and return time.

If you are unfamiliar with the equipment when you pick it up, you can ask a staff member to go through the equipment with you so that you can get a better understanding of how it works and how to best put it to use. Throughout the year AOC also provides workshops for the portable equipment as well as workshops for the equipment in both TV Studios, Audio Booth and the Podcast Booth. The workshop schedule can be found at this link on AOC’s website:  If you have missed the time of one of those workshops, you can also request a tutoring session or custom workshop by emailing