Data Management While Editing

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Author: Skip Shannon, Equipment Coordinator

One of the most important aspects of editing that I stress to people who just start editing is data management. Data management is a very important aspect of editing because if you haven’t properly organized your files or paid attention to where your files are being saved, then it can cause issues while editing. Below is a list of guidelines I follow when creating a new editing project:

  1. Always edit on an external hard drive

  2. Every time you start a new editing project, make a new folder on your external drive with the title of the project. 

  3. Within that folder, make a folder titled RAW, this will holder all your RAW footage and audio from your shoot. (make sure to copy all of your RAW files from your shoot to this folder)

  4. Next, whether I’m editing in Final Cut Pro X or Adobe Premiere, I create a folder titled either FCPX files, or Adobe files. Then when I set up my project in FCPX or Premiere, I save my edit files to these folders. 

  5. Additionally, if I have any logos I need to use I make a folder titled GFX to store any logos needed for the edit of the project. 

  6. Once I have finished editing a project I will export my versions to a FINALS folder for the different versions I usually have to edit. 

This might seem like it’s a little overboard, but any time I need to find any of my files I’m able to do so easily because I follow this method for every editing project I start. 

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