Stand Up for What You Believe In


Author: Mandi Ayao, Customer Service Representative

I was inspired to write this after a brief conversation with one of my favorite people, who happens to be a volunteer here at AOC. She has sadly been going through some serious medical issues, and on top of that having problems with her insurance.

Besides the stress and chaos of navigating that, she observed a conversation on social media between friends who hold opposing views on healthcare. She was afraid to share her thoughts on the subject, as she did not want to alienate them due to her difference in opinion.

In today's polarized political climate, dare to sit together with people that think and feel differently than you, and talk to them about important topics. You may not change their minds, but you might help change their perspective and find some middle ground.

Don't allow the fear of opposition to shut you up. Have that conversation. Stand up for what you believe in. Make an impact. And please, do it here at AOC, we'd love to hear it.