Advanced Podcatching

Author: Matt Roberts, Community Productions Manager

Last week we talked about finding the elusive podcast in the wilds of search engine results. That is a fine way to find podcasts, but what if I told you that there were special tools (podcatching apps) you can use to not only find podcasts, but automatically deliver them to you wherever you are to listen to whenever you want to listen?

I know, I already told you that existed. [sad trombone]

But for those of you that are still skeptical about your ability to become a bonafide podcast listeners and subscribers, let’s see if we can demystify the process a little and get you on the road to new, almost unlimited, on-demand media content!


Apps, or software applications, are essentially what people used to call computer programs. Now that they run on phones (or pocket computers) they are called apps.

There are a lot of choices out there but the easiest to access are probably the podcatching apps that come pre-installed on most phones.

Though the interface for each app will be slightly different, both of these apps will have the ability to :

  • Browse and search for podcasts.

  • Playback of podcasts

  • Subscribe to podcasts

The searching and playback features are nothing new. We learned how to do that last week. The subscription feature is the real advantage of using one of these apps. When you subscribe to a podcast, the app will check for new episodes, download the episode to your device, and usually notify you. This means that if you like a podcast you find, you won’t have to check the website for new content, you can listen to it as it becomes available.

That is pretty much it for Advanced Podcatching. As we mentioned before, there are plenty of apps out there besides the two listed above. Some apps offer more features than others. Some give you the  ability to customize the way episodes are downloaded and deleted from your device or even the playback speed. If you don’t need any more features, you should be good to go with one of the pre-installed apps. If you are looking for more features, search and ask around with friends who listen to podcasts. Chances are, if you think there is a feature that would make listening to podcasts better, a developer has coded it into an app.

Some are “free,” with ads in the app and some are paid. The app I personally use is called Podcast Addict. I used the free version first but paid for the premium, not because the ads were bothersome, but because I like the app. There are a lot of customization options for the way I get new content including the ability to download older episodes first and set limits on the number of episodes downloaded at a time. In addition to  the podcast features, there is a radio station feature that allows me to easily listen to Cypress Street Radio using the same app.

No matter which app you choose to use, we hope you feel more comfortable with the idea of listening to and finding podcasts. Once you have the hang of listening to your favorite shows via this delivery method and you are ready to start making your own show, come talk to us at AOC Community Media and we will get you podcasting!