We need to make News a Loss Leader

We need good journalism and reporting to make sure we as a society make smart informed decision based upon good, true and complete information. Without a shared truth we can’t make shared decisions. Facts have to be facts, 2 + 2 has to equal 4. We can argue about facts only if we have facts, perhaps even all the facts. That’s where journalism comes in.

If somehow we could take the profit motive out of journalism the incredible influence of money on our legislators would be countered with truth and real information amongst the citizenry. If journalist could uninhibitedly report facts without spin or bias, consumers and voters could make informed decisions. People could use facts and truth to discuss differences and to reach mutually beneficial objectives. What we do now is not make an informed decision, we make influenced decisions. And the influencers are profit motivated. Individuals could intelligently form a society by using proper and responsible journalism and media.

Our votes are not determined by facts or well made decisions based upon weighting different sources of information and truth. We vote based upon what sells to a large enough group to make a profit. What we’re given as journalism isn’t what it should be. We as humans, by default, take the wisdom of the group to be the best decision. Some people go a little further and consider the options and some other even disengage from the group think and make their own decisions.

In order to make a profit journalist and distributors of journalism are selecting only what they know their targets want to consume and giving them plenty of it. Plenty enough to drown out other voices. They happily serve the truth equivalent of a Big Mac or let’s say Whopper because it makes money. They’re killing their audiences with spin.

When we consume journalist’s reports we think we’re making an informed decision but the truth is obvious, we’re being influenced and our decisions are decided for us by others who are strictly selling to their profitable audiences. 

I have argued in previous blogs that everyone should understand, appreciate and value the few real journalists available these days. They’re hard to find due to scarcity and noise in the marketplace. In spite of millions of sources of information the amount of work necessary to glean the truth is about the same as doing your own field studies. No source is untainted by profit motives. Staff sizes are subpar, distribution is unvetted, sources are unvetted, truth gives way to sales and before you know it, you really don’t know it….you know what they’ve served.

Ed BowieComment