Countdown to Summer!

Author: Christy Tracie, Education Coordinator


The month of May is here, which means a summer break from the classrooms is right around the corner! We're sure that both students and teachers alike are anticipating a short summer hiatus from the textbooks, and the midterms, and the finals - oh my! If you haven't already, we encourage you to begin planning out how you and/or your child will be spending your 2 month/8 week/76-day hiatus from the school setting. Just because your school routine ends doesn't mean your learning has to! There are so many ways to keep your mind engaged and to keep your creative and technical skills sharp while away from school! Here are some fun ways to keep your creative juices flowing all summer:

1. Enroll in summer camp - Fun for both youth and adults alike!

Particularly at AOC, we offer youth camps for students to exercise their artistic eye! Animation Camp happens annually every summer, in which students learn the basic skills and techniques to produce animated short films. We are also excited to be partnering with Southern Screen and CREATE this summer to host ReadySetMake Filmmakers Camp, in which participating students will get the opportunity to apply for a screening of their production at Southern Screen 2019. From acting, music, and dance camps to sports camps to STEM camps, there are tons of great things happening in our city this summer that I encourage you and your family to get involved in!

2. Engage in Creative Writing

Creative writing boosts our ability to think outside the box, to brainstorm more effectively, and even to strategically problem solve! Whether script writing a short play or a work of poetry, the more that you exercise your creative brain muscles, the stronger they will become. Our good friends at the Lafayette Public Library are always offering fun summer workshops to keep our reading and writing skills sharp. AOC will also be partnering to bring you some engaging, FREE workshops there this summer as well. Be on the lookout for their program details soon! Another great local organization, LyricallyInclined, hosts a variety of engaging creative writing workshops and spoken word events throughout Lafayette, LA. Be sure to find them on social media as well to keep up with their summer happenings!

3. Travel the country - and document it!

No matter where you are planning to travel this summer, there’s no doubt that a good photo and video of your journey will always help you to savor the memories! Online Blogging (or vlogging) is the new modern-day scrapbooking and a great way to share your experiences for others to live and enjoy vicariously, which is in my opinion one of the best reasons why social media exists! I encourage you to get plugged in to our production and editing tutoring sessions. From Final Cut Pro to Adobe Suite, we’ve got lots of offerings to choose from.

I wish you all a happy and productive break, and I hope you enjoy the next few months of your summer learning and discovering a new craft or improving an existing one!