Experiencing Media: From a Student's Perspective 

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Experiencing Media: From a Student's Perspective 

Author: Elijah St. Julien, AOC Intern

As a senior in high school, I’ve learned that it is important for my peers to learn media skills because we are growing up in a fast-paced world with technology all around us. I attend Carencro High School and am enrolled in the Academy of Information Technology (AOIT) program. Through this program, I am interning at AOC Community Media for one month. I hope to accomplish gaining great working experience by the end of my internship.

As a participant in this technology-specific curriculum, we learn about the different components, controls, and shortcuts within computer programs so we work more efficiently and educate those other students willing to learn more about computers.

With the information I have learned through the academy, I am able to do things on the computer that others have problems doing. Like being able to do shortcuts on the computer to get my work done faster and being able to find a problem with a computer and fix it.  

I can share that information with others individuals who aren’t as computer savvy. 

While working with media at AOC, I have learned how to use different software programs such as Final Cut Pro to edit videos and photos. Learning shortcuts on the computer to do simple tasks and using high tech cameras to take good quality photos has also been a new experience for me.

Like many computer users, my biggest obstacle has been learning how to use new software. It was challenging at first but now it's pretty easy to find everything I may need to edit my project. 

The assignment that I have enjoyed the most is creating and editing videos because I get to express my thoughts and ideas when producing the videos. It gives me satisfaction to see the finished products when they are uploaded to AOC’s social media pages and website so others can see the work that I have produced.

After High school, I plan to go to college at ULL to receive a bachelor or masters degree in Mathematics. When I’m older, I plan to be a Math teacher or a Math Professor whichever one comes first. But while I'm in college, I'll try to stay in the IT field so I can help anyone if they have problems with their computer.