what is Backpack journalism?

Backpack journalism encourages brave new forms of storytelling. This style of innovative journalism merges traditional media with the modern "one-person band" approach to creating works, truly allowing an audience to access a unique perspective crafted by a single set of hands.

As a community, we have a collection of many diverse stories and backpack journalism offers a fantastic conduit for those stories to be shared. The openness of format means a better chance of a greater number of people having a voice in our amplified collective conversation!

The skill sets and tools required to participate are many and varied, ranging from writing to videography to editing and even distribution. AOC is the perfect organization to facilitate training and access to the tools that teens need to produce their own media!

Wikipedia does a nice job of outlining Backpack journalism. Check out the link for more info!


How can i start a backpack production Team?

Are you a part of a group of teens who want to work together to share stories from around your community? AOC Community Media can help you form a Backpack Journalism Team. See the steps below.

  1. Form a team: Get a small group together. (We have no specific size limit, but groups of 5-10 will usually ensure that everyone plays a leading role!)

  2. Find an adult sponsor: Think teacher, parent, mentor, etc.

  3. Get AOC Memberships : This will allow your team to access AOC's facilities and equipment to produce your project!

  4. Contact our Community Productions Manager Matt Roberts to schedule a custom group training for your Backpack Journalist Team (or if you need any assistance with the steps above!)


Click the logo here to check out our AOC's first backpack journalism team, the Radical Reporters.