An Ending That Won’t Let You Down
5/2/2014  Education

Do you remember your last week in college right before your summer started and the feeling of excitement but also sadness that accompanied you on those final days because you knew another journey of yours was coming to an end? ... Continue to blog

How to Not Lose Your Mind or Footage in FCPX
3/14/2014  Production

Recently I’ve noticed members having issues with doing an edit in Final Cut Pro X and logging out of the computers in the lab. ... Continue to blog

Can I Use Copyrighted Music on My Show?
1/10/2014  Programming

Many people ask the wise old question, “Can I use copyrighted music on my show?” You, as well as myself, wanted to know. Here’s what I know now. ... Continue to blog

Want A Copy of A Show you Have Seen on AOC?

Many people do not realize that if they see something they like on AOC, chances are that we have permission to sell you a copy. ... Continue to blog

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