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2/8/2013  General

Deborah Duhon, Administrative Assistant

The most frequently asked question this month was . . . . . How Can I Have A Show On AOC?

The answer is very simple. You start with your CONCEPT, OPINION, VIEWS, IDEA, etc. etc. etc. You can set up a Planning Session with our staff to help you formulate your thoughts and make suggestions on any additional workshops and equipment you might need to take to fulfill your dream. They will go over with you how much help you will get from us and from there how much help youíll need from your own production team.

It could be possible that you are already equipped with the knowledge and a production team who are members. They may even how to operate the equipment and you just wanted to see if you were on the same page with AOC to put on a TV production, this is great too.

A studio production is the easiest way, to me, to get your message out. When you walk out of a studio production, you have a finish product ready to be turned in for programming to be seen in five parishes by everyone who has Cox Communications or LUS Fiber. If you are only going to be the talent on your show, you donít need to be a member. However, a membership can be helpful to you in other endeavors.

There are two studios available to get your message out to the public. The Multi-Purpose Room is the larger studio, but if you need this much space, you will need a full crew to handle this production. The TV Studio is set up to be handled by one person in the control booth. Both studio are equipped with green screens.

Donít be shy. Donít keep that great idea you have stored up in you.




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