We Need Your Input
2/22/2013  General

Nancy Judice, Marketing Director

Quite often, I am asked what can I do to help AOC? I canít think of an easier, yet more important, way that you can contribute to AOC. And it doesnít involve any money! Bonus!

Simply put, we need your recommendation, your input, your nomination of who should be our newest Board of Directors members. This year we will have two openings for two-year term members. Nominations are due on Thursday, Feb. 28.

Our Board of Directors is a volunteer policy-making board that serves as the governing body for AOC. The Board makes policy decisions regarding purpose, functions, goals and activities.

Nominees need not have served on a Board of Directors previously. Interested nominees must commit to a minimum of one monthly board meeting held on the third Thursday at noon.

Next month, the Nominating Committee of the Board of Directors will interview committee-selected nominees and prepare a slate of nominees to present the entire Board of Directors. In May, AOC members will vote on the final nominees. The voting period is closed 30 days prior to AOCís annual meeting typically held in late June.

If you are interested in nominating a person for AOC's Board of Directors by February 28, go to www.aocinc.org, call 337-232-4434 or fill out a nomination form in person at AOC in the Rosa Parks Transportation Center, 101 Jefferson St., Lafayette.

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Nomination Form

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