This is a race for the rest of us!
All the fun without the run!

Never has the potato stood for such a noble cause as Free Speech and Community Media. This historic partnership between spud and speech will help keep media in the hands of the public here in Lafayette, LA.


Register by Race Day April 20th.

Official Dates

We’ll begin accepting images for Couch Potato 10K social media challenges on April Fools Day

To participate in the Official Challenges

Find the categories you like, set it up, take the pic, post it with hashtag-collect fame and recognition. If you’re registered for the non-race your pictures will be entered into drawings held at the Finish Line Party.

To Participate in the Official Non-running of the Couch Potato 10K

After you register and done your prep work, you’re free to do anything you wish, without remorse, doubt and you’re impervious to ridicule, suggesting or nagging. Your Job Jar is locked. Do what you wish, chillin is recommended and participating in the challenges makes it more fun and rewarding.

The Official Race start will be 12:05 on Race Day April 20th

But the official start time is immaterial if you want to not run later and head to the finish line at 4:00

Official LIVE coverage starts at Noon- Facebook, Youtube and AOC TV live remotes form

Early entries will be posted for public viewing and liking as soon as they are received. So enter early,view and like often and share with everyone

The After Party will begin at 4:20 at The Wurst.

Official Timing

Seriously? Set a personal record and sleep until the Finish Line Party starts.

Official Judging

Nobody is judging anybody. This is about supporting a good cause and maybe having fun doing it.

Official disclaimer like statement

Participating in the Couch Potato 10K (whether napping, snacking or lurking at the finish line) may pose some hazards. You shouldn’t over indulge the incredible privileges of doing good while doing nothing. Too much of anything is bad, chew for food, get plenty of fluids, love one another and you should be fine. On the off hand that something should happen you agree that it’s on you not AOC Community Media or anyone else. You should have medical advice before you engage in any exercise program and are properly trained before participating in these types of events.

Possible Side Effects

Participation in the Couch Potato 10K can be addictive and lead to a multitude of potential issues due to your lack of productivity. Here are a few to be on the lookout for:

  • Unplanned napping

  • Relentless snacking

  • Choking on a sandwich

  • Gas and bloating due to participation in excess

  • Withdrawal symptoms when the Finish Line party has ended (keep your PJ's on, there's always next year!)

  • Possible short term fullness from snacking during the non-run and free food and drink at the Finish Line Party

  • You’ll have to explain the Super Cool Couch Potato 10K t-shirt to everyone

  • Neglect of all of your responsibilities for a few hours because of your absence due to participating

  • Most significant side effect is a Free, Open, Accessible, Non-Commercial First Amendment Platform for everyone in Lafayette

  • Other side effects could be raffle and door prize winnings

  • World peace

This is the only road race of it’s kind in north america or possibly the entire world!

Be part of history


CP_potato chips and couch.jpeg

Proper Training and Prep

You can set personal records that will last a lifetime if you train and prepare for the non race correcrly.

Good game prep is important


Here’s where the competition begins!

Proof that you got game-play the Challenges for fun and fame!

Your Photos from the Field could win you big prizes! EVERYONE CAN ENTER THE PHOTO CHALLENGES but only race entrants can win so register now


The Finish Line is where the game begins!

Come to the Wurst Biergarten and join the good time with music from HomeGown Raggae

Finish line party at wurst biergarten

Challenges will continue, winners will be chosen, games will be played and music will be awesome. Remember you gotta be a player to win the drawings!

Eyes on the Prize-Free Speech for Everyone!!

Official Course

Probably something like the map shows. Couch, sofa, easy chair, hammock, rockers, to the kitchen, fridge, pantry, fruit bowl then to the bathroom for whatever then back to the start until 4:00 when you head to the Wurst Biergarten for the Finish Line Party.

#CP10K, #officialcourse, #CP10Kmap

#CP10K, #officialcourse, #CP10Kmap

Town Square-Media-01.png

Here’s where your money goes

All funds raised will be dedicated to continuing and improving Community Media in Lafayette. Every dollar goes directly to operating expenses which continue to rise while our income falls. Thanks for not running in the Couch Potato 10K 2019!

Help us to... Keep the government transparent. AOC is committed to continue to provide the equipment, manpower and distribution channels for local governing bodies meetings. We air,  in =their entirety, the Lafayette Parish School Board meetings, Lafayette Parish Council meetings, political debates and forums and most presentations that are of importance to the public interest.

Help us to…. Help others. AOC assists over 150 Non-profit services annually with the facilities, tools and manpower to create and distribute informational messages and key public services announcements.

Help us to...Help the community. AOC is Acadiana’s first line of defense for First Amendment advocacy. We put media making skills, equipment, facilities and distribution in the hands of every citizen. The importance of this ability is vital to our democracy. Democratic principles are upheld because AOC is the bastion of First Amendment in action.

Help us to….Help students. AOC has invested in an educational program to give opportunities to local students to learn 21st century skills with high quality equipment. We go into classrooms so that students may learn the importance of Media Literacy. We also assist classes with special projects that might include working with and understanding recording and production services.