Relax, Just do it!

training CHECK LIST

Study your Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu or whatever playlist, get everything in order

Work hard on your legitimate task so you can truly chill on race day

Check your supplies


Snacks - chips, nuts, fruit, chocolate, cookies, edamame, m&ms, liquids of several types,

Playlist, music, video, games

Fresh Batteries for all remotes

Arrange games with friends, have them ready

Find all of your remotes

Pillows, blankets, snuggies,

Phone handy and in DND mode

pile ofremotes.jpg
CP_potato chips and couch.jpeg
alerts off.jpg

day of putting it to-not-work

Phone on DND

Notify friends and loved ones that you’re working to help your community and should be left alone - you should have encouraged your friend to get in the game and they wouldn’t be trouble on race day if you did it

Consider the Job Jar locked and off limits

Ear plugs help some non runners

Organize and review your supply list

Chill as you will

Send some Photo Challenges

Until you head to the Finish Line Party at the Wurst Biergarten at 4:20