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TV Studio
The TV Studio is our the primary studio for live programs. The TV Studio is a simple, "ready-to-go" space based around the current Tricaster technology. The studio will feature a solid color background or virtual set. Virtual sets can be one of the three stock sets or create your own. The cameras are "locked down" so no camera operators are needed, only a director. The TV Studio is available without reservation if available when requesting use. In fact, we encourage spontaneous users in this room.

Multi-Purpose Room
The Multi-Purpose Room is our larger video production studio and also serves other purposes for our members and community. We have a full production studio, based on the Tricaster, that can accommodate large productions with more people, performances and groups. If you are using The Multi-Purpose Room, you must provide a three-person camera crew and director.

To use the Multi-Purpose Room, we strongly suggest reservations. Using the Multi-Purpose Room without prior approval is not necessarily contingent solely on the availability of the space.

This room, in addition to all of the features of The TV Studio, offers meeting space for groups up to 50 people, rehearsal space, and small group presentations.

Audio Booth
What you can do in our Audio Booth - record a weekly podcast by yourself or with friends, record sound effects for a new project you’re working on, record your voice overs for your latest scripts.

Submit Content

The process is simple. Bring your program by our offices in downtown Lafayette in one of our acceptable formats found here. Once you are here, you simply need to fill out an AOC Cablecast Contract and turn it the Programming Department. It typically takes about 16 business hours to process your program and then about 24 business hours for it to begin airing. These times may vary depending on circumstance.

If you submit a program in any format other than those specified as acceptable above, the AOC Programming Department will happily attempt to transcode it into a format we can air; however, it will take approximately 32 business hours to process a file that deviates from the acceptable formats and the about 24 business hours for it to begin airing.

If you would like to learn about online submission of you media, via www.dropbox.com, please contact the Programming Department by email with the subject line "Online Submission."

Apply for a series

Every six months, AOC Community Media allocates series to local producers interested in creating and airing TV content on a weekly basis. The Series Allocation process begins each November for January-June and May for July-December.

AOC groups programs by delivery type and frequency, then we hold a lottery within each group. We accept these types of programs for series: live weekly, taped weekly, live bi-monthly, taped bi-monthly, live monthly and taped monthly. Live producers must provide a qualified director who has a paid membership for the series period.

AOC considers prime time to be between 6 p.m. and 11 p.m. Monday through Friday. This allows for only 30 hours per week of prime-time premiere programming. We have two channels; therefore, we have 60 hours total per week.

Programming Schedule Links:

2018 Series Schedule

Series premiere schedule for the first half of 2018 (January - June).

Cablecast Contract

The Cablecast Contract is the form all producers must complete and return for any program submitted.

Producer Agreement

The Producer Agreement is the form required of all producers in order to submit any form of programming.

NPO Services

AOC Community Media is happy to serve its local 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations each and every day. In fact, when local nonprofits seek our help, we consider it a win-win for everyone. We help your organization make the public more aware of your events or organizations, thus increasing participation and funding. And you help us fulfill our mission of building an engaged and informed community.

Currently we have several options for 501(c)(3) organizations that are interested in getting their messages in front of Acadiana residents. The Message Boards and PSAs air on AOC 1 (Cox 15 and LUS 3) and AOC 2 (Cox 16 and LUS 4).

501(c)(3) Message Boards
The AOC Message Board allows local nonprofit agencies to showcase their organizations and upcoming events in a unique way. Organizations can either send information to AOC directly by emailing Joe Ferguson with the details about your organization or event. Organizations can also create their own pages using our specifications and submit them to AOC. We can also teach you how to create efficient message board pages. Email Joe Ferguson for more details about creating and submitting message boards.

501(c)(3) PSAs
Each Wednesday from 3-5 p.m., AOC records 30-second PSAs for local nonprofits to help make Acadiana residents more aware of the nonprofits' events and organizations. Please bring your pre-written script to the appointment, as well as email any graphics or logos you'd like to include in the PSA. To schedule a 15-minute time slot, contact William McFarlain or 337-232-4434.

We also offer our full arsenal of production services at a reduced price for nonprofits. For more information about how we can help your 501(c)(3) organization, please submit a Production Request, email info@aocinc.org or call 337-232-4434.


After-School Series of Free Workshops for Teens -  1/8/2018
Officials from AOC Community Media have announced that its after school teen MUSE program will host a “Stories-in-Motion” workshop series based on the Lafayette Read Together book selection, The Crossover by Kwame Alexander.

Volunteers Needed for Reading Program -  12/27/2017
Volunteers Needed to Assist AOC Community Media with “Reading the Daily Newspaper” Program for Reading Impaired

AOC Community Media Announces Spring 2018 Series Premiere Television Schedule -  12/14/2017
AOC Community Media has released its premiere schedule for series programs running January through June 2018. After earning series slots, series producers entered a six month commitment to provide AOC with regular content for its two public access television channels: LUS Fiber channels 3 and 4 or Cox Communications channels 15 and 16. All producers are responsible and liable for the content they submit to AOC.

AOC partners with local schools to celebrate Media Literacy Week Nov. 6-10 -  10/23/2017
AOC Community Media will teach free media literacy workshops in various Lafayette Parish schools to celebrate Media Literacy Week November 6-10, a nationally celebrated week that highlights the power of media literacy education and its essential role in education today.

AOC to celebrate Free Speech Week Oct. 16-22 with several free events -  10/5/2017
AOC Community Media will celebrate National Free Speech Week Oct. 16-22 with several free events aimed at raising awareness of and celebrating the importance of free speech in the nation’s democracy.

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