How is AOC funded and how can I help

Cable companies use public property to operate. In return for having access to public rights of way those companies return something to the communities they're working with. Franchise Fees are similar to rent, that's what the cable companies pay to use telephone poles, dig cables, and access public property. AOC get .015 of that cable Franchise Fee

As part of providing for the community, Cable Companies allow for access to their distribution systems. In Lafayette Parish that access is operated by AOC Community Media. AOC is your portal to the cable system through which you can share any first amendment protected free speech you wish.

We also receive contractually agreed upon fees directly from both local cable operators.


Give money via your Cable Bill. You can have the cable company collect and send $.50 per month to AOC as part of your cable bill. See your monthly Cable TV statements for details.

Send money directly to our General Fund. Your donations are probably tax deductible.