“Rebuild LHS”

“Rebuild LHS” is a group of alumni, parents, teachers, and students from

around the parish that seeks to address the deteriorating condition of the

LHS facility. For the past decade Lafayette High School has been declared

the facility most in need of a total rebuild. The Rebuild LHS campaign is

focused on electing a school board that is committed to addressing the

complete rebuild of LHS as its top facilities priority.

● In 2009 as part of a comprehensive study led by the firm CSRS on school

facilities, citizens of Lafayette Parish declared the rebuilding of LHS as the

most needed facility improvement in the district.

● Since 2009, comprehensive architectural and engineering studies have

deemed the LHS facility more costly to renovate than to rebuild.

● LHS serves the entire parish of Lafayette and educates students from

every district in the parish. Since 1952, this facility has graduated tens of

thousands of students, and for many years has had the largest student

population in the state of Louisiana. The facility is used year round and

around the clock, hosting local, state, and regional events as well as

hosting community events from around the parish.

● Due to its age and use, the facility lacks sufficient electrical and online

connectivity, lacks adequate facilities for special education, science,

health academy, band, chorus and athletics.

We want voters to elect school board candidates who will address the

needs of LHS as the district’s top facility priority. After the October 12th

election, we look forward to working with district leadership in this most

needed improvement to our school system.

Ed BowieComment