Huge Improv Showdown - The Improv Rumble 2019! 

Local Improv Comedy Troupe, Silverbacks Improv Theatre, will perform on the following occasion:

Silverbacks Improv Theatre
Friday, February 8, 2019
7:30 pm
Acadiana Center for the Arts - 101 W Vermilion St, Lafayette, LA 70501

Tickets: $12

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The Improv Rumble will pit teams of improvisers against one another in an all-out brawl. Everything’s made up, but YOUR VOTES REALLY COUNT. Who will go home the victor? The answer depends on YOU. Audience members will vote on their favorite performances to determine a team winner. Voting will take place via interactive fun with the audience's cell phones. Most shows ask you turn off your phone - at this show you'll be encouraged to wield your cell's power! 

This show will feature over 25 improv comedy performers, all from South Louisiana. These include Lafayette groups Silverbacks Improv Theatre, Cult of the Stage Monkey, Weaning Process, The Plural Noun and members from The Family Dinner in Baton Rouge. Improvisers will form mixed teams and compete against each other for the audience’s vote. This show will focus on short and high energy improv “games” not unlike the popular show “Whose Line is it Anyway.” The Improv Rumble is sure to be full of high energy, big laughs and friendly sportsmanship. See performers who don’t normally perform with each other outside of their element and having a blast. 

Silverbacks is honored to perform this show at the beautiful Acadiana Center for the Arts.

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About Silverbacks: 

Silverbacks Improv Theatre (Lafayette, LA) mixes special improvised brews for audiences across the U.S. Favorite improv creations include The 90's Show, SuperCollider, and the annual Holiday Show. The Silverbacks are always energetic, nerd-tastic, and not afraid of costumes. The Silverbacks consist of members who have trained and performed in places as far as Mississippi, Texas, Illinois, California, and D.C. with a combined total of over 75 years of improv experience. Silverbacks Improv Theatre performs regularly in locations around South Louisiana.  More information can be found at The Silverbacks are also available for classes, workshops, corporate training, and tailored experiences.    

 All photos by Lisa Boudreaux 

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