Silverbacks Improv Presents SUPERCOLLIDER on October 4 - A South Louisiana Improv Showcase

Local Improv Comedy Troupe, Silverbacks Improv Theatre, annouces the following show:

Silverbacks Improv Theatre Presents: SuperCollider! Featuring Your Spooky Friends, Splorange, and Tempo Tantrums.

Friday, October 4th
Show begins at 9:00pm

Cite Des Arts, 109 Vine St

$10 Tickets; $8 for Students, Seniors, and Teachers (with ID)   

Tickets available at the Door 


Silverbacks Improv Theatre is proud to announce its newest venture - a monthly improv showcase! Since 2012, Silverbacks Improv Theatre has diligently grown the improv community by hosting classes, shows, brunches, and more. The fruit of this labor is now coming into splendid fruition with SuperCollider! Each month, the Silverbacks will host a new set of improv troupes. Audiences will get a taste of different groups performing short sets. Groups will be comprised of local favorites, traveling troupes, and exciting new formats such as horror and musical improv. 

This months SuperCollider! will feature the following improv troupes: 


Your Spooky Friends is a creepy ride through the shadows with a twist on psychological horror. Taking inspiration from the great horror masters of film, fiction, urban legend, and theatre, Untold Horror aims to deliver a genuinely chilling experience for those brave enough to witness the unknown.  


Splorange was created at the 2019 Improv Rumble in February. Orange Team, led by captain Courtney Rozas, had so much fun at the Rumble that they decided to keep it going with "Splorange." In its short tenure, Splorange has become known for its welcoming vibes and fun shows. Kind of like if the color Orange was an Improv Troupe. With signature games such as "Death in a Bucket," you never know what you'll experience at a Splorange show.  



Tempo Tantrums is Lafayette's first exclusively musical improv troupe! We combine the spontaneity of improv with hot beats and sweet melodies.  

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