AOC Community Media Marketing Guidelines

We have created this branding and communications guide for the community producers who submit content for our programming on AOC 1 & 2 and Cypress Street Radio as well as organizations in the community seeking partnership. It will ensure that communication to the public is accurate, consistent and a true reflection of AOC Community Media before using our name and logo in any format.

An Intro to Style: Why was this guide created?

We take great pride in airing your local films, documentaries, podcasts and moments on our channels. We think of our community-produced media platform as: Locally sources. Globally shared.

At AOC Community Media, we are supporting your media dreams through television and radio. As your resource for media production, it is important that our members understand proper use of our logo in both verbal and written communications. Our hope is that this style guide will equip you with the appropriate tools for how AOC Community Media should be presented to the general public when promoting your show.

Promoting Your Show: Permission to use our logo/name

As a member of AOC Community Media, you are not required to use our logo in the promotion of your film, TV show or podcast. Should you decide to place our logo in your content, please contact or to receive the correct format for your use. Please do not download our logo from any internet search platforms. No alterations should be made to our logo including color or orientation.


✔ AOC Community Media (AOC should always be capitalized, AOC can be used with Community Media behind it in sentence form if it is stated once in its entirety)

✔ Contact AOC to request permission to use our logo

✔ Acknowledge/Thank AOC Community Media in closing credits

✔ Contact AOC Community Media prior to listing AOC as a partner, sponsor, etc


✖ A.O.C. Community Media

✖ Acadiana Open Channel


✖ AOC Media

✖ Use an “AOC” Production on your produced content

✖ Use “in partnership”, “in association with” or similar without prior authorization

Proper use of our name: Examples in sentence form

  1. My tv show, Jane Doe’s Comedy Hour, which airs on AOC Community Media, is a proud achievement of mine.

  2. Of course you can watch my show while you are on vacation in New York. As long as you have access to the internet, you have access to AOC Community Media via streaming on their website:

  3. You can watch my show every week on AOC Community Media exclusively on AOC 1 (Cox 15/LUS 3) and AOC 2 (Cox 16/LUS 4) and via live stream.

  4. I also have a podcast called Jane Doe’s Podcast that’s distributed through the AOC Community Media Podcast Network. You can listen via Cypress Street Radio on AOC’s website:

What’s acceptable for TV and print format?

Print Collateral

CYMK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) are used to create a full range of color on a printing press or as printed output. Use CYMK file types when printing on materials such as flyers, brochures and other forms of marketing collateral. The provided file types that use CYMK are AI, EPS, PDF and TIFF.

Digital Media

RGB (red, green, blue) colors are used to create a full range of color on computer monitors, television, scanning devices, the web and other digital media. The provided file types that use RGB are BMP, GIF, JPEG and PNG.

Social Media Marketing

We love to be acknowledged on any and all social media platforms. Be sure to tag AOC Community Media on your next visit!  Below are links to our direct pages:





Download a PDF copy of these guidelines