sponsors help make AOC programs and services available to everyone in the community and keeps media in the hands of the public.

Please consider supporting community media by becoming a sponsor.


Program Support by directly assigning your contribution to the support of a project or program is one of the best ways you can donate to AOC’s mission and support a project you choose.

There are numerous Underwriting Opportunities.

This is a partial list of AOC Projects that need Underwriting

LPUA and LCG Meetings

Lafayette Parish School Board Meetings

Festival International

1 Acadiana

Mayor’s Annual Address

League of Women Voters Forums

Foreign Language news

Community At Large Projects

UL Presentations

How Underwriting Helps

All of the programs recorded by AOC require staff time and resources that have to be paid for. As we cover more community activity and provide a wider array of options for distribution of community information our cost go up as well. Underwriting helps us cover those cost.

By keeping these local program available you’ll also be contributing to an inform community, one that encourages engagement and community dialog. You’ll also be supporting free speech and the free exchange of ideas.


A few notes about underwriting

Acknowledgements are given in accordance with the donor’s choices. We include mentions in opening and closing credits. You can select from a variety of acknowledgement styles and include music and narrative if you desire.

Your acknowledgement, in association with your selected project ,will usually live on forever in several places: AOC Archives, YouTube and Internet Archives.

You can also Underwriting Program Production Services on behalf of a Non Profit of your choice. Your donation will be used to produce media content specifically for your designee. PSA, Promos, Educational programs, interviews are all possible services your donation can support.

Individual Producers also ask for Underwriting. When you Underwrite individual producers they are responsible for acknowledgements and nothing is provided by AOC unless otherwise stated in our agreement.


It’s easy. You can pick your program from the list on the left or send for more information regarding project availability. Once you’re selected your project we’ll send you the list of available acknowledgement levels to help you get the most for your support.

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