AOC Community Media Offers New Service to Local Nonprofits
8/15/2012  Education

For more information contact:   Nancy Judice, Marketing Director

To better serve Acadiana's nonprofits, AOC Community Media is making a new low-cost service available to local 501c3 organizations. Once a month, nonprofit employees are invited to use their lunch time to first learn how to create and then submit free advertisements for their nonprofits and its events.

From 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., nonprofit employees will learn the basic skills needed to create effective message board advertisements and then put those skills into action as they create advertisements to run on AOC's two television channels.

“The benefit of the specific workshop is the ads that the nonprofits create can be used outside of AOC’s two television channels,” said Ed Bowe, executive director of AOC. “These images can be used on the organizations’ social media pages, their websites or other publications and any other ways they see fit.”

It is recommended that participants bring high-quality digital versions of their organization’s logo as well as any information or event information to highlight. High-quality images are also encouraged.

RSVP asap at info@aocinc.org. Space is extremely limited. The cost is $25. Lunch will be provided.

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