Radical Reporters News Values

The Writers’ Room Rules includes (but does not purposefully exclude any suggestions you may have)

  • Constructive criticism only

  • Talking-stick Sessions

    • Some Discussions will be held with a “talking stick rule”

    • During these sessions, an object such as a stick or a gavel will be used to indicate the reporter that has the floor and the other reporters’ attention

    • If you do not have the stick, please do not speak, and instead raise your hand to be recognized

  • Democratic process for creative debates

    • Majority vote rules.

    • Sponsor will administer and deliberate the voting process and break any tied votes

  • No Insulting

  • If a topic or line of conversation makes a reporter feel insulted or uncomfortable, the reporter can say the phrase “Bacon news” to pause or end the discussion.

    • Be careful to use this sparingly as overuse could limit the effectiveness of this arrangement or have a chilling effect on creativity in the writing room.  

  • Be honest, and be kind.

Matt RobertsComment