Series Programs are those that have arranged with AOC to have their programs played at a specific time on a regularly scheduled basis. This makes it easy for producers to promote their programs and arrange a production schedule that works for them and their crews. It also does the same for AOC, we can schedule much more efficiently if our programs are presented on a regular and consistent basis.

Series programs can be scheduled weekly, bi-monthly or monthly in lengths of either 0:26 or 0:56 minutes each. All episodes of a series are in the same format either live  or recorded. Special arrangements can be made is some cases.

Series timeslots are allocated for a 6 month period beginning either Jan 1st of July 1st. Only producers who have submitted and have cablecast 3 episodes of a same or similar nature may participate in the series time slot allocation process.

Next Allocation will be November 12th or 19th TBD

Series PREMIERE schedule