AOC at 36 and Still Growing


Author: Ed Bowie, AOC Community Media Executive Director

So, here we are at AOC going into our 36th year of providing media outlets for practitioners of non-commercial speech in Lafayette.

First Amendment protections and a means of creation and distribution of information have served Lafayette as it was intended. People have access to information, the community has eyes on the operations of government, schools and corporations, important events are recorded, shared and archived. AOC helps build our Community Identity by amplifying voices which influence decisions that change our laws and our use of resources.

We’re very proud of the contributions made by Lafayette citizens using the resources available at AOC. Lafayette is unique in Louisiana in many ways, having open public community media is one of those ways.

Now, going forward we plan to increase our service offerings, record more important community presentations, instruct more media consumers on media literacy, and distribute the voices of our community via cable, fiber, web, internet. It can be TV, Youtube, Podcast, Internet Radio, live or recorded or both. AOC will provide production tools and assistance, distribution and archiving and in some cases marketing and promotional help. Along with that, we’ll have more workshops, events, presentation and other learning and networking opportunities than ever before.

For our plans to be realized we need volunteers to teach or lead groups, host events or otherwise facilitating others in making their programs. We need volunteer camera operators, directors, editors, and producers. People who are already attending events can help by recording and sharing those events with our audiences. AOC will provide the tools, instructions, and assistance to volunteers.

You can also help by using your voice, speaking your mind, asking your questions and sharing your opinion or knowledge by creating programming here at AOC. You’ve always wanted to tell the world your story, here’s the place and now is the time.

In summary, AOC will be helping to shape Lafayette by amplifying voices of the people who live here and we want your help doing it.