Acadiana: A rare and special place

Author: Jackson Schneider, Intern for AOC Community Media

There is no place in the world quite like Acadiana. We live in a society growing more and more interconnected every year. To have a culture in 2019 that is so unique, and has remained untouched over centuries, is a rare and special thing. It was our relative isolation that left us seemingly frozen in time. It wasn’t until 1972 that the already twenty year old I-10 interstate reached the Lafayette area. This generation of Acadians are left with a dilemma: how can we preserve the traditions and the culture that makes Southern Louisiana special while also keeping up with the times?

By providing a voice for the citizens of Acadiana, from every demographic, AOC provides a glimpse at every facet of our community. The beliefs of our people, and the incredible feats they achieve. The issues plaguing our community, and the solutions we find together. The way of life that has been a part of Acadiana for hundreds of years, and how we honor our history. AOC shows such as L'Acadamie Cadiene and Ci et Ca are entirely in french, while Acadiana Heart Beats and our very own Community Quotes aim to give everyone in our community the opportunity to share something important to them.

When documenting a culture, the focus is on the people. Because the truth is, we are Acadiana. And we would still be Acadiana in the Mojave desert, or in the arctic circle. Because our community is not the place we live, but rather a group of people who share a background, who share a way of life, and who share a connection with one another.

I should correct myself. There are plenty places around the world like Acadiana. There are plenty of swamps, plenty of cypress trees. There are no people on Earth, no community, quite like Acadiana. Nobody else speaks french the way we do. Nobody else dances quite the way we do. Nobody else has the perspective that we do. And that is worth recording.