Volunteers Make a Difference

Author: Mary Hooks Baudoin, Marketing Director for AOC Community Media

Last year, we launched a new program, Local News Live, for our visually and reading impaired audience.  Our idea behind it was to create a focus on local news and entertainment in Lafayette Parish. For the first few weeks, members of the staff would dedicate one hour of their time to read the news on the air.

After a month or so, we decided to recruit help from the community. We went to our social media pages and put the word out there. And the response has been overwhelming! In fact, our list has grown to a solid 22 dedicated volunteers. In addition to our daily news in English, we have individuals who volunteer to translate the news in French and Spanish for a weekly recap. We could not have sustained this program without the generous help of all of our volunteers.

Volunteering offers vital help to people in need, worthwhile causes, and the community, but the benefits can be even greater for you, the volunteer. Giving back can be as big or small a commitment as your time allows, but it’s always time worth spending. According to research, volunteering and helping others can reduce stress, combat depression, keep you mentally stimulated, and provide a sense of purpose.

Why volunteer? Check out a few things our volunteers had to say about the program:

"I enjoy volunteering because it involves serving others. I have always had a heart to be able to help those in need despite their need. My motto is: Doing What You Love is More Rewarding" states AOC volunteer Alicia Sylve.

“Working with the blind and the deaf in Aquatic Therapy years ago, it gives me great pleasure knowing that I can continue to serve these people through another avenue in reading the newspaper to them weekly. Serving others reading the newspaper weekly to the blind & the deaf even when they can not repay you is the true gift of giving, in return it ignites compassion, empathy & hope” said AOC volunteer Amy Ohlenforst.

In addition to our newspaper program, volunteers with AOC can help by taking cameras into the field to record presentations, teach workshops or classes, operate cameras for Festival International and more. To sign up, visit our Volunteer page on this site.

We believe everyone should have the chance to make a difference. That's why we make it easy for good people and good causes to connect.

 If you are interested in making a difference in your community, consider volunteering your time.  Most non-profit organizations need volunteers to help sustain their programs. Whether it’s at AOC or any other non-profit in Lafayette, make footprints for others to follow!

AOC Volunteer Alicia Sylve

AOC Volunteer Alicia Sylve

AOC Volunteer Amy Ohlenforst

AOC Volunteer Amy Ohlenforst