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Experiencing Media: From a Student's Perspective 

“The assignment that I have enjoyed the most is creating and editing videos because I get to express my thoughts and ideas when producing the videos. It gives me satisfaction to see the finished products when they are uploaded to AOC’s social media pages and website so others can see the work that I have produced.”

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Adobe Premiere Pro vs. Final Cut Pro X: Which is Better?

“I will say that knowing how to edit in multiple programs is a benefit and helps, depending on the job. It still comes down to one aspect: No matter which software you use to edit, use it to the best of your ability to get the job done.”

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Voice-controlled teleprompter software is the wave of the future!

Yesterday one of those utilities that I love to see was introduced to me; on online teleprompter service,, that is free of charge. There is one major difference between it and any other free prompter service: You control the prompter with you voice. I was skeptical, but I thought I would check it out. For science!

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