Reasons YOU should have a podcast on Cypress Street Radio

Author: Mandi Ayao, Customer Service Representative for AOC Community Media

Before we get into the reasons to start your own podcast, let’s take a moment to discuss what a podcast is and a brief overview of Cypress Street Radio and AOC’s podcast network.

What is a podcast?

A podcast is a series of episodes often focused on a particular topic or theme. Most podcasts are audio only, although video podcasts do exist. Podcasts are usually available online in a variety of formats - iTunes, WMP and the like. Many people listen to podcasts on their phones or in their cars as background while completing other tasks.

Some example categories could be entertainment, education, and inspiration.

What is Cypress Street Radio?

Cypress Street Radio is an internet radio station provided as a service of AOC Community Media. It provides a mechanism for facilitating individuals, groups, and communities to tell their own diverse stories, share experiences, and become active creators and contributors of media. It’s essentially a platform to share content relevant to our community.

What’s the AOC Podcast Network?

The AOC Podcast Network provides a cost-free podcast hosting and distribution opportunity.

Finally, let’s get down to a few reasons YOU should have a podcast of your own.

Impart knowledge or skills -

You have a wealth of knowledge unique to your experience. Would you like to share what you’ve learned with others in your community?

Increase exposure for local noncommercial content -

Leader of a nonprofit organization and want to share your passion for the cause?

Promote local arts and culture -

Out and about at 2nd Saturday Artwalk every month, or even weekly at local venues watching your favorite bands do their thing? Share your experiences, and give exposure to your favorite local creatives so that others may discover them too.

Encourage public discussion and civic engagement -

Strong opinions on local issues and want to get others involved in the discussion?

Ready to share your ideas with the community? Here’s how to sign up to be a podcast producer on Cypress Street Radio.

Like to learn a few new skills before you get started? Sign up for our podcasting workshops on February 26 and May 9. Free for AOC members, and only 15 dollars to the public.