Too Legit to Quit: Staying Focused and Committed to Your Project Ideas

Author: Christy Tracie, Education Coordinator for AOC Community Media

For many of us, January marks the month of NEW. We often view this starting point of our year as an opportunity to begin planning and goal-setting for new bold projects and production ideas. It’s a common practice for us to begin whipping out our vision boards and drafting up new things to bring into fruition. While this marks an amazing time to bring forth new fruitful ideas, that momentum can easily fade as the year continues and life shifts our focus in so many different directions. As our projects become delayed by time, money, and/or other factors, the roaring momentum we once had can quickly dwindle, the longer our bold ideas remain in the realm of wishful thinking. As the month of January comes to a close this week, I would love to share you with a few quotes to inspire your commitment to your production project ideas and to ultimately begin bringing those ideas to life:

1. “80% of success is showing up”

Perhaps you have already planned a new goal for this year: getting back to the gym, going vegan, learning to playing an instrument, or pursuing another job opportunity. As with any other goal, one of the hardest steps for many new producers venturing headfirst into content production is the first step - showing up. Show up to attend that workshop you have been eyeing forever to gain the new skills you need. Show up to that networking event to meet other people doing what you desire to do, even if it means going solo and uncertain of what to expect. Make time to practice your photography or video skills in the studio, in the park, or where have you! Show up even though there are a million tiny things each day that try to distract us from doing so. Continue the cycle of showing up to gain the skills and the experiences that you deserve to make your goals happen. By showing up again and again we build good habits, and we build relationships with other ambitious people who begin to hold us accountable. Being present, both physically and mentally, is one of the greatest leaps towards building the commitment.

2. All Progress takes a process - Prepare for it.

Whether you are gearing up to host your first live TV show or just beginning to record your first podcast series, prepare to undergo a process - and all the highs and lows that come along with it. It is so important to begin anticipating the challenges (and sometimes outright failures) that can and WILL happen in route to being successful with your production project. Mentally prepare yourself for the last minute audio-video issues that WILL at some point occur (the nature of technology, my friends). Be prepared for your first TV guest to arrive 15 minutes late or cancel altogether. Be prepared for the public opinions that may oppose the content that you produce. Begin to anticipate these challenges so that you are less likely to fold or give up when you do encounter them. I encourage you to have a conversation with any long-standing content producers at AOC. I can guarantee they have each experienced many of these challenges and have learned how to prepare themselves for the process.

3. Remember Why You Started.

This quote is actually on a small painting in my office and it resonates with me daily. After a long day of juggling tasks, deadlines, and clients, I love for that painting to be the last thing I see before I leave my workplace. I encourage you to remember the message that you need to share and why it became so important to you in the first place. Remember the cause you are fighting for or perhaps the voiceless people you may be speaking for. Remember who or what inspired you to begin creating content and why your dialogue is important to our community or the world at large. The beauty of AOC is that its very purpose is to serve as your platform for creating things and reaching people. I hope you find this blog post to be a tiny dose of inspiration for your year forthcoming and something you can always reflect back on if you ever begin to question your confidence to manifest your project ideas!

AOC Employee Jacob White instructs a student from Carencro High’s Academy of Information Technology in our director’s booth.

AOC Employee Jacob White instructs a student from Carencro High’s Academy of Information Technology in our director’s booth.