AOC T.V. begins new series periods twice a year: Season A (January 1 - May 31) / Season B (June 1 - December 31)

Series request's received at any point prior to SERIES ALLOCATION* for the next season will automatically enter your request into the Series Allocation lottery for that season.

Please allow two weeks from the date of the request for processing.

*Series Allocation is a lottery allocation period that takes place during the month that preceeds the beginning of a new season.

Name *
Can be found on your AOC ID Card or by emailing
Program Length *
-Submitting a program that is longer than your series length may result in your program not being air in it's series time-slot. -Additionally, if you program submissions length is 55% less than what is assigned, that programs start time may be adjusted forward or backwards by as much as 30 minutes.-If your program can not air in it's series time slot, for any reason, we will happily work with you to secure another time / date for your content to air
Choose a day of the week you would like your program to premiere on.
Premiere Time *
Premiere Time
Times must be at either the top or the bottom of the hour. (ex. 1:00:00 P.M. or 1:30:00 P.M.)
Premiere Channel *
AOC Community Media is Cablecast throughout Lafayette Parish, and the five surrounding Parishes, by Cox Communications and LUSFiber. If you are a subscriber to either, you can find AOC Community Media on channels; AOC 1 - LUS 3 / COX 15 AOC 2 - LUS 4 / COX 16
Series programs can only miss a certain number of premiere time-slots before they lose their series allocation. -Series premiering once a week can miss 3 premiere time-slots. -Series premiering twice a month can miss 2 premiere time-slots. - Series premiering once a month can miss 1 premiere time-slot. -If the allotted number of missed premieres is exceeded AOC will no longer hold your series time-slot for you. AOC still encourages you to continue to submit your content on a first-come-first-serve basis.
-If you choose a Live Series, you must choose one of AOC's 2 studios. -The studio chosen will be reserved for this Series during the Season period. -Studio reservations begin 15 minutes before Live time. -To make adjustments to your reservations, contact
How soon would you like to start submitting content for a Series Time-Slot? *
-Choosing "Start Next Season" will enter you into the series lottery for the upcoming season's time-slot allocation. -Choosing "As Soon As Possible" means you are subject to time-slots not already filled by series programs. AOC will help you to find an available time-slot if your first request is already taken.
Examples include: Public Interest, Health & Fitness, Talk Show, Editorial, Sports, Education, Language Immersion, Lifestyle, Entertainment, Arts & Culture, etc.