No-call/no-shows for scheduled reservations may compromise your standing with AOC. If you will be late or unable to attend a scheduled reservation, contact AOC immediately.

Generally facilities cannot be reserved for more than 4 hours per reservation request. You may renew your reservation for up to an additional 4 hours if there is no confirmed reservation scheduled after you.

Members must submit request for LIVE studio time a minimum of 16 business hours prior to the start of reservation.

Each facility must be returned clean and neat with all equipment properly stored.

This Link will now take you to our new reservation system, Rueshare.

For more information about using the new system, click here to watch an instructional video.

TV Studio

The TV Studio is our the primary studio for live programs. The TV Studio is a simple, "ready-to-go" space based around the current Tricaster technology. The studio will feature a solid color background or virtual set. Virtual sets can be one of the three stock sets or create your own. The cameras are "locked down" so no camera operators are needed, only a director. The TV Studio is available without reservation if available when requesting use. In fact, we encourage spontaneous users in this room.

Multi-Purpose Room

The Multi-Purpose Room is our larger video production studio and also serves other purposes for our members and community. We have a full production studio, based on the Tricaster, that can accommodate large productions with more people, performances and groups. If you are using The Multi-Purpose Room, you must provide a three-person camera crew and director.

To use the Multi-Purpose Room, we strongly suggest reservations. Using the Multi-Purpose Room without prior approval is not necessarily contingent solely on the availability of the space.

This room, in addition to all of the features of The TV Studio, offers meeting space for groups up to 50 people, rehearsal space, and small group presentations.

St. Julien Community Room

The St. Julien Community Room is a common meeting room space with round-table seating to accommodate 8 and a total seating capacity of 20. The room is equipped with a tv monitor compatible with screen cast and HDMI input.

Podcast/Radio Booth

The Podcast/Radio Booth is equipped to produce high quality podcast shows and internet radio shows. Two guest talent are allowed to accommodate an active member in the booth upon proper check-in first at the front desk.

Audio Booth

The Audio Booth is a great tool for recording your voice overs for your latest scripts, like PSAs. One guest talent is allowed to accommodate an active member in the booth upon proper check-in first at the front desk.

Post Edit Lab

The Post Edit Lab includes Mac editing stations. Computers are equipped with Final Cut Pro X editing software and a vast array of other software including:

  • GIMP

  • Inkscape

  • Pencil 2D

  • IMovie

  • MPEG Streamclip

  • Adobe CC: Photoshop, Animate, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, After Effects (select computers)

  • and more!