Recent research indicates that local media outlets are trusted by a majority of Americans even as trust in national outlets has declined. It’s easy to understand why Acadiana has trust in our local media; in addition to providing us with important information about our area, they are active participants in our community. So who better to answer our questions about “the media” than our own local experts. Here tonight to share their insight and answer some of your questions about the sometimes elusive media industry, we have Sean Trcalek, General Manager, KADN/KLAF  and Chuck Wood, General Manager, Delta Media Corp.

Sean Trcalek [Seen Ter-CHA-lick] studied public relations at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Before that, he graduated from Vermilion Catholic High School in Abbeville, Louisiana where he grew up. Sean [Seen] now lives in Lafayette and  Is the general Manager at KADN and KLAF.

Chuck Wood has been managing media properties for over 30 years, 25 of those years in Lafayette. His passion for broadcasting started as a young boy in Detroit, Michigan. Chuck is currently the General Manager for Delta Media Corp.

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