Volunteers Needed for Reading Program

Officials from AOC Community Media, in partnership with The Daily Advertiser, have announced the launch of a new daily show called “Reading the Daily Newspaper” for audiences with visual/reading impairments.


“AOC’s mission is to build an informed and engaged community through media, technology and education. We created the ‘Reading the Daily Newspaper’ program with the visually and reading impaired in mind to reach our neighbors who may not have access to getting the local daily news, ” said Ed Bowie, Executive Director. “Special thanks to The Daily Advertiser for partnering with us on this program.”


Volunteers for the “Reading the Daily Newspaper” program are now being recruited to read the newspaper at AOC. Candidates must submit an electronic 3-5 minute reading of an article via e-mail to info@aocinc.org for consideration. Volunteers should have a clear, articulate voice and advanced education level in order to read local news, obituaries, sports and other sections of the daily newspaper. Individuals may also audition in person the week of December 18th at AOC Community Media during the hours of 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday.


Listeners can tune in to listen to “Reading the Newspaper” via AOC TV channel AOC 1 (Cox 15/LUS 3) and live on the AOC Community Media Facebook Page. For more information about AOC, email info@aocinc.org, visit www.aocinc.org or call 337-232-4434.


AOC Community Media is a vital part of Acadiana’s infrastructure serving its residents, local government, schools and nonprofits on a daily basis. Follow AOC on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

For more info, contact Mary Baudoin.

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