Tickets On Sale Now for Comedian and Hypnotist Flip Orley, With Special Guest Comedian Jimmy Pineapple, at Cité des Arts January 11 and 12, 2019 Inbox x

Lafayette, LA, December 13, 2018: A perennial audience favorite, Comedian and Hypnotist Flip Orley returns to Cité des Arts for two highly entertaining shows on January 11 and 12, 2019 at 8:00 p.m., at Cité des Arts, 109 Vine Street in downtown Lafayette.  Flip will be joined by special guest Jimmy Pineapple of Texas Outlaw Comics fame.  Tickets are $20 and are ON SALE NOW at or call us at 337-291-1122 to reserve your seat.

Since Flip Orley burst onto the comedy scene he has single-handedly reshaped the image of hypnosis from its vaudeville image, to an act hip and edgy enough for the MTV generation. Flip’s appearance on the “Today Show” brought rave reviews and stopped traffic in midtown Manhattan.  His one-man show has set comedy club attendance records from coast to coast. Faithful fans and new-comers alike find themselves screaming with laughter as Flip ignites his volunteers’ subconscious minds and transforms reality. What sets Orley apart from others in his craft, is his true comedic ability, delivering a hilarious stand up set before unleashing his volunteers creative imaginations. The Los Angeles Times attests that “...the beauty of Orley’s show is that, because most of the humor comes from the volunteers, and no two performances are alike.” The Dallas Morning News reports, “It’s difficult to remain skeptical after seeing Flip transform a panel of well-behaved audience members into a family of trailer-park dwellers from Arkansas, Southern accent and all!” 

Jimmy Pineapple began his career at the Comedy Workshop in Houston, Texas.  He rode with the infamous gang known as the Texas Outlaw Comics, including legendary comedy outlaws Bill Hicks, Ron Shock, and Sam Kinison. When the Outlaws eventually went their separate ways, Mr. Pineapple went on to perform on numerous network and cable television shows, including HBO Young Comics, Showtime’s Full Frontal Comedy, A&E’s Comedy on the Road. 

After a brief hiatus from extensive road travel to write and direct in Fred Willard’s comedy sketch group the MOHOs, and eventually writing, producing, and directing his own sketch shows at Second City and Improv Olympic in Hollywood, Mr. Pineapple is back on the road with the same Outlaw attitude that made him one of the Most Wanted comics in country.

Cité des Arts is a non-profit organization that was organized to support the artistic endeavors of other 501(c)(3) organizations including, but not limited to, educational organizations, religious organizations, performing arts organizations as determined by the Board of Directors.  Cité des Arts began operation in 2001 and since that time has become Acadiana’s grass roots arts incubator, by supporting and hosting numerous theatre and dance groups, visual artist and French cultural programming.

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